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Got a Lawsuit Budget? Start Reducing it and Free Up Cash

By: Amy Friddle | July 1, 2015

It’s a sad, but true reality that many agencies have to set aside resources every year to fight lawsuits. But it’s perhaps sadder that many don’t realize simply having the right technology can significantly reduce the need for that type of budget.
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5 Practice Pointers for Better 501(r) Compliance

By: Rozanne Andersen | June 24, 2015

If you work on finances for a nonprofit hospital, you are probably familiar with the 501(r) regulation’s new requirements. Released by the IRS in December of 2014, it represents a complicated laundry list of mandates hospitals must satisfy in order to maintain nonprofit tax-exempt status. However, few hospitals appreciate the impact the regulation has on the traditional third party medical debt collection process, and the potential risk it poses to both the hospital and its third-party collection agency partners.
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FCC Meeting Falls Short and Raises Ire

By: Rozanne Andersen | June 18, 2015

As with any administrative proceeding, anticipation by all sides is high. The proponents of the action approach the hearing with anticipation of grandeur while the administrative body has a tape running in the background reminding it to move thoughtfully, slowly and within the scope of its administrative authority.  Today proved to be a classic example of these two worlds colliding when after 49 minutes of debate and a fully packed agenda, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) reaffirmed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act's (TCPA) protections against unwanted robocalls and the need to encourage pro-consumer uses of robocall technology by deciding the four questions presented by ACA International in its petition for declaratory relief purportedly in favor of consumers. Based upon the testimony at this morning’s hearing:
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Prioritize Your Compliance Concerns With These 5 CFPB Stats

By: Rozanne Andersen | June 11, 2015

As a member of the ARM or healthcare receivables industry, “a commitment to compliance” needs to be more than pie-in-the-sky for your operation. To remain profitable and successful, that commitment needs to be woven into the very fabric of your company. Our industries are expected to make every effort to identify and mitigate areas of compliance risk. If you are, or already have, taken steps to make that goal a reality, you can likely attest: The real trick is figuring out what to do right now, instead of next week.
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Top 10 Reasons Not to Attend PowerUp 2015

By: Casey Stanley | June 10, 2015

Each year, ARM pros and healthcare business executives, managers and representatives converge on Indianapolis for the Ontario Systems collections education event and user conference, PowerUp. There’s a variety of reasons why they do – so many, in fact, that picking out the top 10 or even 20 makes for a nearly impossible task. It’s more manageable discussing why you shouldn’t.
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3 New Reporting Challenges are Creating Major Compliance Headaches for Healthcare Leaders and Their Patients

By: Guest Author - Tom Gavinski | June 4, 2015

Many hospitals and other healthcare professional organizations report delinquent medical debt to credit reporting agencies. That’s why they need to be aware of new pitfalls. Medical debt collection credit reporting is a very high priority for the Federal Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB has been investigating the impact of incorrect medical debt collection credit reporting on consumers, fueled by several reports and studies from the National Consumer Law Center who has stated that medical debt collection credit reporting is negatively affecting millions of consumer’s credit scores.
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New Roles for Healthcare Compliance’s 3 Big Players

By: Guest Author - Tom Gavinski | June 2, 2015

Not-for-profit healthcare operations are subject to more compliance risk than ever in 2015. Several federal government regulatory actions currently in development affect those organizations – actions financial managers need to be aware of so as to properly prepare themselves for heightened scrutiny. Three entities – the IRS, Treasury and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) – all play a role in the new healthcare compliance environment, and you need to know what those roles are to continue fueling your mission effectively.
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The 3 Elements of Tech That Make Meaningful Conversations With Patients Possible

By: Steve Scibetta | May 13, 2015

Efficient contact with patients – beyond simply mailing a statement – is crucial to your business. But once a patient is on the phone, many healthcare reps tend to lose their way. Medical collection requires account representatives to act as counselors, explaining large and unexpected bills to patients while helping them find agreeable routes to a zero balance through a variety of payment methods. Without technology and talent, these conversations may yield less that optimal outcomes.
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We Ask ACA President-Elect Jim Richards our 4 Big ARM Industry Questions

By: Casey Stanley | April 28, 2015

Jim Richards is an ARM industry visionary. But that doesn’t mean the new ACA International President-Elect is unapproachable, as we learned from talking with him this past week.
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Three Failsafe Ways to Turn Your Mail Room into a Compliance Hub

By: Rozanne Andersen | April 21, 2015

Having just finished five weeks of back-to-back GAP Assessments, I want to scream “mail room” from the proverbial rooftop of the compliance office. Information about consumers literally pours into the mail room daily. Yet most agencies and debt purchasers lack the insight into their own processes to gain any value from it. In fact, the mail room could be one of your most important compliance resources, if it isn’t already. Let’s take a look at three ways you can turn yours into a compliance hub:

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