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A couple weeks ago, we had the chance to talk with Todd Carlson, Director of Patient Financial Information Systems at Avera Health. During our discussion, Todd pointed out the value of a single experience when working with patients on their outstanding balances, describing the challenges his family of locally-owned hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities and home health/hospice agencies needed to address when it came to dealing with disparate systems. For Avera, it came down to an important question: What was the best way to reconcile two sources of data – One from physicians, and one from hospital accounts?

Avera’s ultimate goal was to maintain top patient satisfaction in its billing practice. And Todd found the key to that goal was to create a single self-pay workflow that would enable three important items:  

  1. Standardize the process by which patients would apply for charity
  2. Give those patients a single statement for all services
  3. Provide Avera’s customer service center with accurate, easily accessible information when patients called in with questions

Of course, taking these steps meant combining its physician and account platforms into one. Avera selected technology from Ontario Systems to accomplish this mission, envisioning its health system as a single entity, with a single point of contact for patients to resolve any and all balances. Upon launch, Todd found that streamlining these processes created efficiencies beyond what even he expected, extending all the way to the amount of time staff members spent working accounts.

Our entire conversation is now available online for your review. Listen in here, and get in touch with questions or comments:

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About the Author

Shawn Yates serves as Director of Product Management for Ontario Systems, defining the company’s strategy for product and service offerings in the healthcare market. With over 20 years of experience managing self-pay receivables and collection operations for a top 20 healthcare system, Shawn's background also includes working for a national outsourcing company helping clients manage their insurance and self-pay receivables, and Experian Health, the largest data and analytics company in the country.

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